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deneme-2Surgical treatment of axillary accessory breasts.

Aydogan Fatih; Baghaki Semih; Celik Varol; Kocael Ahmet; Gokcal Fahri; Cetinkale Oguz; Unal Hilal
Surgical treatment of axillary accessory breasts.
The American surgeon 2010;76(3):270-2.

Accessory breast tissue is a remnant persisting after normal embryological development of the breast. Although accessory breasts may be asymptomatic, they can cause discomfort during menstruation, anxiety, cosmetic problems, pain, or restriction of arm movement. The data of all patients who presented with axillary accessory breasts between January 2000 and September 2008 were recruited from a computer database. Medical charts, outpatient records, operative notes, and pathology reports were reviewed. A total of 29 patients underwent surgical treatment of axillary accessory breasts in the Department of Breast Surgery and Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. The ages of the patients at the time of surgery ranged from 19 to 54 years. The mean age was 28.8 years. All patients were female. Sixteen patients had unilateral accessory breast and 13 patients had bilateral accessory breasts. Fourteen patients had breast hypertrophy. Twenty-one patients had excision, five patients had liposuction, and three patients had both. Axillary accessory breasts can be satisfactorily treated with excision, liposuction, or both. In patients with concomitant macromastia, reduction mammaplasty and removal of accessory breasts can be performed at the same time with no additional morbidity.